About Life in Harmony

Joy to the world and its celestial powersLife In Harmony is special.  The nation is in a time of crisis.  People are suffering, and they want answers and some form of direction.

Mary Ann Grant developed Life In Harmony in 1988  to work with all levels of humanity.  Rich, poor, educated, middle class, prisoners, abused and the elderly.  Each person has identified from my techniques when they choose to use the tools.

One of the new directions of Mary Ann Grant for Life In Harmony is to instill the philosophy of Life In Harmony, into our failing school systems to give the students direction and a new inner strengthTo integrate the Life In Harmony handbooks with the teachers and counselors, to have it be a curriculum on a daily basis for the students to move forward in a healthier, more positive direction with their education and self-worth.

People need help to develop new goals to proceed effectively. Mary Ann Grant, in her programs for Life in Harmony, offers an outlet to develop new strengths and a future to look forward to.

Professional Profile

Self-made, steadfast, conscientious and devoted to teaching life skills and how to apply them to achieve life in harmony.
Knowledgeable in all facets of addictions, obsessions, and compulsions. Proficient in field studies, group workshops, personal development, individual counseling, mental stability, and physical regime.

Highlights and Accomplishments

Design and conduct customized workshops for individuals and businesses.
Consult with individuals to develop personalized plans to work on specific issues.
Ability to develop awareness skills in individuals leading to positive change.
Create and prepare individual maintenance programs for long term on-going personal development.
Individual motivational counseling with people of all ages and backgrounds.
Develop personalized fitness regimes to enhance mental and physical ability.
Published author on excess and addictions.

Life Skills: The Intent is to Develop New Life Skills

Personal and professional development stress management.
Ability to manage peer pressure.
How to communicate.
Consistency through perseverance.
The course objective is to develop awareness of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.
How to develop positive attitudes self and others, set realistic goals and attain a positive self worth.
It is essential that each person develop a personal philosophy and the mental fortitude to maintain it.

About Mary Ann Grant

People are suffering, and they want answers and some form of direction

Joy to the world and its celestial powers! I receive a daily gift of revitalization and mental strength from an amazing woman. Mary Ann Grant is her name, my wife, and everlasting soul-mate. We are entering more than 17 years of love, honor, mutual respect, happiness, and success.

Mary Ann is dedicated to guiding all people to see into their souls, understand what is good and maintain it, to recognize short comings and weaknesses and how to correct that behavior.

Once Mary Ann guides her followers on a path to a better life, the messages from her speaking and writings will always whisper, “Don’t give up, you can do it”. She gives the strength to persevere.

Mary Ann lives the life she teaches – steadfast and true. She leads her readers to a fulfilled life of peace, confidence, and self respect to live Life In Harmony!

Her loving husband, Mac Grant


Growing up with a family of ten and survived!!!

My name is Mary Ann Grant, maiden name is Brozda.

My father was from Poland- escaped prison camp, and lived the Hitler days. He met my mom, got married, they were ten year’s apart. Mom was 20 dad was 30. Mom was born in Pittsburgh, Homewood. They built our home on Trenton Ave, in Wilkinsburg.

I was born the fourth child- lost in the sauce. I could go any direction, and I did!!! My birthday August 6, 1961. I was the black sheep from the time I came out of mom. Dark hair, everyone had blonde hair, mind of my own, got the beatings for everyone, never wanted to come home. Loved the outdoors was a Tomboy all of my life. Loved sports activities, running, always on the go, pretty competitive with the boy’s. The girls were to dainty for me.

My dad said if you want extras you have to go to work. I wanted shampoo, cream rinse for my hair and deodorant. It was time to go to work. So I did. I started at the age of ten. 200 Sunday papers dad always helped me, plus he helped me taking over my brothers cutting grass.

At the age of 13 ran a Syrian restaurant, until high school was over. 17 pregnant with the love of my life, miscarriage three days before my wedding. The best day of my dad’s life. I got to finish school the right way and get married after I graduated. I had my boys at nineteen and twenty, and made sure no more pregnancy. I knew I didn’t want a big family. My boys were my greatest accomplishment and pleasure in life. They were never work to me. I was so active and playful, and took them everywhere. Joe and I had this amazing life together until we were introduced to drugs. I went to college for Social Science and actually did very well. I was surprised, because I was never a good student. The course I took was everything I loved. I got a job with the worse abused kids from 13 to 18 years of age. I was the teachers aide,house parent, in charge of activities, taught them how to,cook, clean, respect themselves, and not have sex with every guy and girl they came in contact with. They taught me so much, and I taught them so much. I loved my job.

Something horrible happened to Joe and me. We were helping my father in law at the bar on the weekend’s to make extra money. Someone introduced us to cocaine–it was in the eighties. The guy that turned Joe on turned Joe in. He was dealing with four attorney’s and three doctors who recreationally liked it. ( It was called a rich man’s high, it was very seductive!!!) Joe did time for everyone–did not turn anyone in. It was the best decision he ever made, but the scariest time of our lives. First of the stigma was horrible everyone ran from me including my family. I was truly on my own. It made me the strongest woman in the world. Nothing will ever take me down in my life like this did. Very powerful experience in my life. Changed me forever, for the better!!! I’m so grateful for all the crisis in my life, I learned insurmountable teachings of what to do and not do.

This was the biggest turning point in my life. I dove into therapy, twelve step program, took powerful courses all over in different states. I did not want to ever repeat what happened to me. I made sure I got all the information I needed to live a happy, whole completed life with no blame. That’s when I started to write and created life in harmony, a guide to healthier thinking.

I supported Joe all through prison, the boy’s were seven and eight at the time. I made a promise to myself if he relapses I’m leaving. Six years clean we had this amazing life. One day I had this gut feeling he was using and I caught him. I went back to therapy and left. Never turned around. I new it was the right decision. Very Painful!!!
Never planned on marriage for a long time. I started my company in 1988 In home personal fitness training. The rich people paid me top dollar to move there body. It allowed me to continue my service with the prisons, work my personal program of recovery, be there for my kids, and write my book,and do speakings, and workshops everywhere. One of my clients was a famous artists had a blind date for me. I almost declined. Six months later we are on the beach getting married in Hawaii. We are going on seventeen years of marriage. I was with my first for twenty six years. I’m a big supporter of marriage and family. It’s probably one of my greatest strengths. It makes my heart sing!!!

My husband and I are this amazing team. We’re both givers, worker’s, very compassionate with our kids and grandchildren. We love the same, it never ends. It’s so beautiful when you have two healthy people working together for the higher good of everyone that comes into our lives. I have never felt so safe, loved, and cherished on a daily basis. It’s Beautiful!!!

My boys are now thirty five, thirty four, step son twenty three. Grandchildren are thirteen, step grandchild is eight, and the new grandson is year in a half. I’m surrounded by beautiful, healthy, productive, loving kids. It doesn’t get any better than this. I take nothing for granted, I truly live each day as if it is my last. I’m forever grateful for my life and journey wherever it takes me.