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Mary Ann Grant

Director of “Life In Harmony”

Author of the Book Life In Harmony

  1. (412)537-2835

Life In Harmony is special.  The nation is in a time of crisis.  People are suffering, and they want answers and some form of direction.

Mary Ann Grant developed Life In Harmony in 1988  to work with all levels of humanity.  Rich, poor, educated, middle class, prisoners, abused and the elderly.  Each person has identified from my techniques when they choose to use the tools.

One of the new directions of Mary Ann Grant for Life In Harmony is to instill the philosophy of Life In Harmony, into our failing school systems to give the students direction and a new inner strengthTo integrate the Life In Harmony handbooks with the teachers and counselors, to have it be a curriculum on a daily basis for the students to move forward in a healthier, more positive direction with their education and self-worth.